DJ OctJulio — Illusion (FNF Neo)

Слушать DJ OctJulio — Illusion (FNF Neo)

Текст DJ OctJulio — Illusion (FNF Neo)

Well, look at this!
All the children in one place now!

Hope you mind if I upstage you!

Through I’d drop by
To lay your careers to waste now!

Tear your apart,
Rip out your music’s heart and rip out
All your real hearts too!
This world’s grown so toothless and time
It’s replacing the monster
That made an art of killing!

They’ll know my name when they heart beat’s stilling

What have you got,
Just a couple corny jumpscares?

Screaming for a
Second’s no time!

Terror comes from knowing your
Demise is waiting for you everywhere!

But don’t you worry,
Won’t see your end coming when
Your eyes are mine
(See you soon)