Devendra Banhart — Ami

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Текст Devendra Banhart — Ami

I had a dream last night
And now I wanna be a streetlight
(i want to be a streetlight)
To guide your path each night

Can ya’ hear the wind chimes
You’ll be home in no time
I know you don’t believe
That you’ll heal in time

But all I wanna see
Is you standing head high
Your mind is a loose end I can’t tie
Never mind… you know I’ll always try…

I saw you gently weep
And now I wanna be a lion
(I wanna be a lion)
Curled up at your feet

Something to rely on
(I’ll be something to rely on)
For now you’ve got to keep on playing even though
Nobody comes to the show

Someday this will all disappear
So share your song while you’re here
And I’ll be in the sunlight
Ever near
(sunlight ever near)