Deniro Farrar — Eloquent

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Screen door slammin’, hide and go it
Icee from the truck got 5 flavors in it
Old folk grinnin’, hopscotch skippin’
Quarter water sippin’, telling jokes trippin’
Look at how we livin’, you should come and visit
The hood like Crooklyn, but I ain’t from Brooklyn
Knock, knock, zoom, zoom, down the block bookin’
Everything was sweet when a dime bought a cookie
Stonewashed pants, Adidas shelltoes
Tears in your eyes from you tryna pick your fro
Street lights on, ghetto running loose
Mama calling for us so I gotta chunk the deuce
Had roaches in the crib, mouse trap down
Every now and then you might hear a gun sound
Stay reminecing, damn I miss the 90’s
LA Gear sneakers, and watching Moesha
Dealers on the block with they Glocks and they beepers
Watching All That reruns on Nick at Nite
The world done changed, it don’t feel right
We used to stick together, now all we do is fight damn

You remember catching lightning bugs outside and shit nigga
Watching Nickelodeon and shit nigga, All That
Chasing the ice cream truck down the block
Remember that shit?

NBA Jam, Stretch Armstrong
Easy Bake Oven I can go on and on
Remember Power Rangers? Remember Captain Planet?
Watching Wishbone with my lil’ cousin Sammy
Saved by the Bell, hidey ho Winslow
Blowing in the cartridge of your Super Nintendo
Bill Nye the Science Guy’s where you got your info
Step By Step and TGIF
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff
Just to name a few but I got way more left
Blowing up balloons ’til I’m running out of breath
Celebrity Death Match where they always killed the ref
Remember house parties? Remember House Party?
Sneak and watching porn where the bullshit started
Baddest man hit my hand, telling yo mama jokes
Hit the store with food stamps, all of our mamas broke
Getting WIC vouchers, bread and them eggs
Juicy Juice and peanut butter kept a nigga fed
Getting beat with switches til it’s welts on your legs
Mama tell you that she loves you then she send yo ass to bed
Leprechaun from the hood, Tales from the hood
Watching Rugrats made my soul feel good
Kool-Aid Icee, plastic on the sofa
Who love orange soda? Kell love orange soda
Goosebump books, make you feel cool
Leaving class early cause you’re part of Right Moves
[?] before the mixtape
Waiting by the radio for your song to play
Mama made as hell I recorded over her tape
Jerry Springer going down, they fighting bout everyday
Damn I miss the 90’s, in every single way
Feel bad cause the new generation don’t even play, damn

Nigga remember we used to play outside ’til the motherfucking streetlights came on and yo mama yelled down the block like «Dante get your motherfucking ass in this house ‘for I beat your ass.» Nigga remember gotdamn slapboxing and shit? You smack the shit out of one of your friends and then that nigga go home crying and shit, wanna take his mom back and go in the house and shit. Nigga Friday nights wasn’t nobody on the streets nigga, you was at home watching motherfucking TGIF. Step By Step, Family Matters, all that shit nigga, you know what I’m saying? Remember that shit nigga? Home Improvement and shit like that nigga, Rugrats, Recess, you know what I’m saying, Ren and Stimpy nigga, My Cousin Skeeter, Doug, you know what I’m saying Arthur, D.W. what up? You know what I’m saying, all that shit nigga, Power Rangers, you know Wishbone, you know Reading Rainbow all that shit. You know what I’m saying, My Little Lamb and shit, you know what I’m sayin’? Scholastic Book Fairs you know. Man ya’ll new school niggas don’t know nothing about that ya’ll just on the outside of that playing games, and fucking around with ya’ll technology, technology babies and shit. But hey, you know what I’m saying? It’s all love you know what I’m saying. This for them 80’s babies and shit, them early 90’s babies and shit