Delaney Jane — Warning

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First message

You know what it’s like to be in a room full of people
But still feel completely alone?
I feel that all the time

I feel that all the time

I’ve never been the type to talk first
In fact it kinda freaks me out to converse
I’ll never know why, but it always hurts
To be an extroverted introvert

But as far back as I remember
I could find the words for every tear, for every temper
It’s poetry that found me when I was in a dark hole
Yeah, it’s poetry that came into my life and saved my soul

So what the fuck is this social anxiety?
I can say goodbye with alcohol and that’s the irony
‘Cause I don’t wanna drink, I don’t wanna like drinking
But sometimes it’s the only way to shut up all my thinking
So I drink, and maybe I take a bump
And one leads to the next and suddenly I’m fucking drunk
And then I blackout, when I wake up in the morning
I hate who I’ve become, but it’s too late to send a warning (warning)

It’s too late to send a warning (warning)
Yeah, it’s too late to send a warning (warning)