David Byrne — Dialog Box

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Текст David Byrne — Dialog Box

Picture this
Bumping lips
Everyone talks
Do a dialogue box

They shake and bake
Make a cranky face
They got rocks in the head
Got rocks in the bed

Pull the hood down
Grab the fold out
Is it too loud?
Is it all right?

Makin’ contact
And you know that
Need a tight fit
To survive

Said Juliette
Got a dialogue box
Hey look at me, that’s my answer

All Sparkly white
Shiny bright
A genuine smile
The Renegade style

Gonna heat ’em up
And stir the pot
Bake it a while
Then cool on the side


I’m a rich man,
I’m a poor man
But the main thing
I’m alive

Lost in Space
Cosmic haze
Beautiful wreck
Special effect

Clean and pure
Swift and sure
I’m ready to drop
In a dialogue box

My creation
Any size

If you try it
And you like it
You can have it customized

Gonna test ya
With a gesture
Do I feel ya?
Are ya scared?

In the darkness
In the details
At the movies
Or a play

All crinkled up
Fall through the cracks
In a dialogue box

With a smiley bump
Gonna line ’em up
And the question I ask

Hey look at me
That’s my answer