David Byrne — 50212

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Текст David Byrne — 50212

With every swell and every wave
The riptide carries me away out to sea
And in a sheltered cove, I found
The pretty people hanging out there for me

Picture perfect, memographic
Money market, what you gonna do?
Beg and borrow, the old straight and narrow
Supple tomorrow, 50212

Like someone whistling in the dark
Got used to living in my car for a while

Going places, wearing braces
Remember faces, all you gotta do
Go to college, gather knowledge
Get acknowledged, 50212, 50212, 50212

Silently watching as she sleeps
Brushing the hair from off her cheek
And she says

Mind your manners, I’m growing backwards
The seven wonders, I’ll be black and blue
Touching, feeling, and heavy breathing
Oh, what you using? 50212
Forget about it, mmh, but I doubt it
Got around it, see that point of view
I can’t remember the private number
The unknown caller, 50212, 50212, 50212