Dark Funeral — Atrum Regina

Слушать Dark Funeral — Atrum Regina

Текст Dark Funeral — Atrum Regina

My nocturnal queen
Infernal, earthly and divine
There on your knees
My beloved concubine
You look deep into my eyes
As your mouth opens wide
Lips moves up and down

Soon in demon seed you’ll drown
Now close your eyes my love
Drink my essence, and forever you’ll be mine
Atrum Regina, my nocturnal queen
Atrum Regina, you fulfil me
Now rise in front of me

Oh how I wish to enter thee
Of lust overwhelmed
Is this a dream, or is this real
Now bend down
Feel my claws run up your back
As I enter thee, with full force from behind

Feel how the demon seed, ejaculate inside
Goddess of my dreams, my beloved concubine
Atrum Regina, my nocturnal queen
You fulfil me, Atrum Regina