Dark Funeral — A Beast to Praise

Слушать Dark Funeral — A Beast to Praise

Текст Dark Funeral — A Beast to Praise

[Verse 1]
In solitude I am talking to ghosts
And while the netherworld is being ripped open wide
My human flesh is still keeping me
Between these walls, and I am eager to die

[Verse 2]
I am creating all these fantasies
With all those filthy claws reaching out
My dreams are dark and they are not my own
I hear the devil call, he’s crying out for blood

[Pre-Chorus 1]
His crimson eye is watching from the depths of the night
I am forsaken and my sanity’s abandoned me
[Chorus 1]
My hands are cold, I have a strength that’s bеyond my fading flesh
I am becoming what I knew I would bе
The beast of hate
The killer’s knife, the murderer of gods

[Verse 3]
Inside my head I am feeding my thoughts
And as the darkness falls I stand strong and proud
My serpent skin is still cold and sleek
I am sublime and I am ready to die

[Pre-Chorus 2]
The evil one is watching from the depths of the dark
I am alone and driven by my murder fantasies

[Chorus 2]
My thoughts are vile, I have an urge to destroy my human mold
I am becoming what I always have been
A beast so great
The stabbing knife, deliverer of death
My eyes turn black, I have a drive that’s too strong to comprehend
I am the fallen one that conquers the night
A beast to praise
To fear and awe, I am the king of the damned
[Verse 4]
In loneliness I am ruling the world
And now my kingdom reaches so far and wide
My flesh and bones were just keeping me
Confined and chained, but I am finally dead

[Chorus 3]
My hands are strong, I have the brawn to destroy my mortal cage
I am more vicious than I ever have been
A beast from hell
A ruthless force, the bearer of the flame
My eyes are black, I have a lust that’s too strong to hold against
I shall bring slaughter and erase the light
A beast to praise
To fear and awe, the bringer of the end