Cire — Aversion

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Текст Cire — Aversion

Now there’s no one here to hurt me..
No one left to blur my mind.
No one here to remind me of all the things I’ve left behind.
Now there’s no one here to see me falling down on my own
and I’ll show you what I can be… When I prove everything wrong.
So why don’t you go away,
don’t you tell me what I know.
Cuz I can’t look you in the face
when you’re here I’m so alone.
But now there’s no one here to help me with the things that I’ve ignored.
Soak your hands in what’s left of me.
No one’s laughing anymore.
No there’s no one left to fear, the emptiness that’s in my eyes.
and if I end myself, there will be no one to say goodbye.
(chorus ?2)