Chetta — Talking for a Reward

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Текст Chetta — Talking for a Reward

We ain’t do no talking
We ain’t do no talking
We ain’t with that snitch shit, bitch get from round me
We ain’t do no talking, all we do is sip lean
All we do is hide and plan in foreign whips and do mean things
I mean uh
Im doing me, you ain’t doing you
They mad at me?
Woah bro
Cuz im higher than you and flyer than you
Check me out im in my penhouse smoking foreign shit
Ride arround in my foreign whip like an ignorant
Laugh at me, just dont talk to me when you see me
Dont judge me, dont talk about me or wanna be me
But you never could be, never could see me
Im high as hell in a new flee
Rocking Air Jordans like its the new flee
Swerve foreign whips, do dope streets, im so unique
They are so weak, kill em all and die slowly
You ain’t know me, and if you did know you wouldn’t understand
Im smoking Gotti and i dont give a fuck
So you could tell that mane