Bucks Fizz — Soul Motion

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Текст Bucks Fizz — Soul Motion

The heat is up
You can’t cool down
You can’t keep both feet on the ground
You can’t resist
A killer kiss

A motivation can be found
Your head says stop
Better take it slow
Then you feel your heart go-go
Go-go soul motion

It’s hot
Check it out if you believe it’s not
Soul motion
So good

Every move you make is understood
You feel the burn
The body ache
A sacrifice you’ve got to make
Hot to the touch
But not too much

You want to feel the fever break
And your head says no
Better take it slow
But then you feel your heart say go
Soul motion

I testify
It comes guaranteed to satisfy
Soul motion
In the groove
You can bet your mother won’t approve
Of soul motion