Brother Ali — Letter From The Government

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Текст Brother Ali — Letter From The Government

I got a letter from the government the other day
I opened and read it and burned that man
The way that I live don’t concern that man
We gon’ have to settle this another way

When the knuckles turn white and the eyes begin bulging
I take an honest look at my life, it’s insulting
And I been sulking about it all week
Hearing the dull screech of metal grinding the concrete
And sparks dance where the worst of both worlds clash
Meaning the blue tyrants and my broke ass
I understand this is pawn take pawn shit
But I’ll be damned if you shoot me on my lawn bitch
Think twice before shining that light
In my drawers in the alley in the middle of the night
Garbage bag and house shoes, put two and two together
I ain’t no drug smuggler, I’m a struggling brother
I have this dream where I go nuts
Dial 911 from the roof and post up
Decorate your hard head when you came in the cruiser
And paint rod red in the name of Abdullah

What kind of sucker would I have to be after these years
Of you harassing and attacking me to run and join your cavalry
Imagine me all GI Joe’d up in Afghanistan somewhere prepared to go nuts
You clinically crazy if you think you could pay me
A figure that could make me slay these innocent babies
I identify with a slave wishing to break free
He was victimised by the same system that raped me
Look at us poor just trying to get our foot in the door
And unfortunatley hooked in this war
We were both coerced to get enlisted
But his was with a trigger, mine was living conditions
We’re one in the same but in the name of some freedom
I’m supposed to put one in his brain like something will change
What freedom? I ain’t dying for no president
Sending kids to die when we didn’t even elect the bitch

Listen I’m in no position to judge a young stud
Tryn’a use the military to come the fuck up
Cos self preservation is the first law of nature
Play your cards smart, remember what the fucks up
It’s really no different from crack pedaling when it
Comes to dying and killing for a dream you were given
Last thing in your mind is how you seen by the system
N’ be willing to go to those extremes for your vision
Shit I’m no smarter, I’m fucking retarded
I just know enough to not eat directly where the dog shits
If Uncle Sam wants to threaten my health
Tell him he have to come and get me himself
…the motherfucker