Brian Setzer — Rebelene

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Текст Brian Setzer — Rebelene

Yeah, well all right
Gonna tell you all a story about the fame
and the glory of a girl named Rebelene
She’s the renegade daughter of a Nashville lawyer
and a legend of a musical scene

Well, she’s a singer and a guitar lick
Yea, she’s country but she ain’t no hick
Gonna be a hard rockin’ hell-raising hillbilly queen

Rebelene, Rebelene
Why do you treat your daddy mean
Why can’t you hear me when I scream
Rebelene, Rebelene

Well, you ought to see her mom,
she’s a blue-eyed blond
and a former Miss Tennessee
But Rebelene was born to rock,
she’s the blood of Davy Crocket
She’s a rebel, and she’s gotta to be free

Well, all right
She worked all Fifty States in forty-nine days on a Sold-Out American tour
Well, she so thrilled that she sold fifty billion and she won all the music awards

Yeah, well come on Rebelene Rebelene,
Rebelene, Rebelene