Brainstorm — My Own Hell

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Текст Brainstorm — My Own Hell

I can’t understand the world around me
Meaningless as you may seen
So here I am at the end of all times
But I’ll take all that’s left behind
The voice I hear, the demon speaks
He lives inside my mind

I though I’m strong, but now I’m weak
He’s coming up from behind
How can I resist, tell me why
My dreams are never meant to be
Forever damned, the life I live
My unexpected prophecy

Now I walk with you through the gates
Where my own hell awaits
Time will show when my time has come
What will release me from this life
Why I’m pushed away by something dark
From the roots the evil rises
Now I feel the breathing down my neck
With the shadows by my side
Caressed by your hands

And the fire in your eyes
So here I am at the end of all times
I’ll take all that’s left
And let the water rise
Desire brings fortune
This is something real
Alive in thoughts
Too deep for any fears

I am the demon
I feel that you are not alone
I am the sunlight
When you enter another room