BONES — WhiteBoyRick

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Текст BONES — WhiteBoyRick

Bad talkin’ on pimp, get slapped with the nine
Ho talkin’ ’bout money, get slapped with a fine
Hate in my face, blade on my waist, slime
Shoutout to the engine block, make em’ stop on the dime
Brand new matte black Buick
Had a little money, but you blew right through it

Go half on the set, I knew it
We do it personal, so go through it
Young motherfucker with an old ass man
With a diamond in the back, old school Cadillac
Got my sway to and fro, Godfather with the ho’s
Duct tape, double clips, hollow tips on go
Do not hit my page if the site gets danger
Risk, take a risk, now that ass in the slammer

Bitch know damn well the clique go hammer
Face is the death, cut ’em up on camera
BONES, how you kill ’em all the time with the rhymes?
Too clean with it, mean with it, wanna let ’em lie
Look into the sky, I’m the one you ask «Why?»
I’m the one that let ’em live, I’m the one that let ’em die