Bones — StateOfEmergency

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Текст Bones — StateOfEmergency

You don’t wanna die
Tell me now
Get dropped then we make your body rot
Let it fly, never lie
And say bye-bye to your life
On the spot, Ima do this shit tonight
No time to be getting in a fight
Drop a bomb on your block, goodnight
Sweet dreams, don’t let the nightmares bite
Life in my cup, I got death on my right
Try with all your might but you’ll never be I
I took my neck and I put it on ice
We take your life and showed you to the light
Ima take it way back, now you’re jacked
Let my coat, next we get ya smokin’ shit that smell like Ajax
Cashed like paychecks
Wrapped like safe sex
On the webcam [?]

I don’t really give a fuck about that
Motherfuckers get jacked, talking down on SESH
Pulling up, all black, from the booths to the masks
See your past from the flash when the .45 blast on your ass
This oughta solve ’em
Mathematician when there is a problem
Young white magician, up in smoke vanish
Disappear clean, maybe go and peep the language