Bones — Sodium

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This is not a wig, it’s fucking real
If it was a wig it would fucking come off right about now
I died it black, you like my shirt?
It says Mt Vernon, cus that’s where I actually live…
HometownHow in the fuck are you ’bout to say the way that we do it is not the way?
No don’t you sweat it, you not in the way
Nothing you do can put an end to my day
Cashed as fuck, in my bed I lay

Look at the ceiling and fade away
Stressin’ and checkin’ on me for a blessin’
But I can’t hear nothing, I’m gone for the day
Sure you can afford that? I get it
Lookin’ like a bum, only think I’m holdin’ pennies
Pull out your mortgage, just spend it in a minute
Take it how you want it, get mad when you get it
Blame everyone around you for the money you ain’t gettin’
Boy man up to the life you ain’t livin’

Times get chillin, sometimes I forgive him, my minds on a rhythm, so get the fuck up when I see you
Loose neck, cotton chains bangin’ off my body soundin’ like a dog walkin’
Razor barkin’ if you by me, let the scotch light blind ’em, let the switch restyle ’em
I ain’t never goin’ back to what I did back in Howell
Old bones, new flow, still flickin’ ash up on my clothes
1-800-DEADBOY if they need to hit my phone
Estate sell ogles, on the finger make me hopeful
We ain’t never goin’ back to nickel dimin’ for some produce