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Back with the skeleton raps
Took a trip back home, went to Hell and then back
Head down, I don’t know where I’m at
Probably at the cemetery taking dope to the head
Fifty blunts to the neck, with the team that’s SESH
I killed the scene with every breath that I got in my chest
Chemicals drippin’ down my ribcage, sippin
Straight from the flask, don’t ask where I’m steppin’
Poppin’ out the grave (Grave), dead boy reppin’ (Reppin’)
Remember when we used to crack pipes for the resin? (Resin)
Step up and I’m wreckin’ (Wreckin’), grippin’ on a weapon
It’s the mac named BONES kicking legendary records
Thought that for a second I’m stressin’, I’m just ventin’ (Ventin’)
My ideal day will be the day the earth’s endin’ (Endin’)
I see through the character you playin’, you pretendin’ (What?)
I take you out the game, now you warmin’ up the benches, bitch

The underground Dondada
Rock the Carhartt, but they still rock Prada
Dropped the bomb off and pressed the red button
Got ’em like blunts, I light ’em and I summon
The skeletal army, bring the back up for me
Every time you drop, you flop, it’s too funny
Turn your back on the only ones who love ya
Your numbers declined and so did your money
That’s all you care about because that’s all you ever wanted
Tried to do your own thing, couldn’t swim, now you’re drowning, bitch
But I could never care about it
My lips are sealed, there ain’t nothin’ I can say about it
I ain’t finna play about it, baby come and see me ’bout it
Try to fuck me over, now nobody wanna be around you