BONES, Rio Da Yung OG — MaliceAtThePalace

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Текст BONES, Rio Da Yung OG — MaliceAtThePalace

Ghetto boy shit
It’s Rio
I’m still in 91 bae, finna turn up Bones
They can’t fuck with us

Hey Bones, let’s show these niggas how to talk spice copycats
I’m finna break my legs if they walk like me!
I ain’t have to snatch a nigga chain, I took it off nicely
You can drink this four of wock with me but the cost pricey
The four niggas getting caught in the jam, three gon’ talk like it
Gucci errythang, Burberry, I just took off Nikes
Diamonds in my chain from glowin’ sum look like Vosswater

I’m tryna do sixty suns tonight, let me call water
Police aim when I shoot the Glock, I hit all targets
Before I bust a script, I make sure they got wock, let me call Myers

My niggas always slide like they got bald tires
Run up a hunnid K plus from the dog buyers
If he just popping with a dub he do fraud priors
I’m the biggest shit-talker, these niggas wish that they could talk like me
Hit a bitch off a perc, I might break her bones
If my bitch see what I just said? She gon’ break my phone!
If I home invade I’m tryna’ spank some, I dont break in homes
I just ran up 80k somethin’ outta vacant home

I don’t fuck the bitch
I make her give me head and I’ma take her home
Your bitch ugly, only look cute when she got make-up on
Fuck a bitch good, then go to sleep I don’t lay up though
Ay Water, split an Adderall with me, I’m tryna’ stay up bro
See your bitch dick-sucking the clique, I know you hate that hoe
You talking down on the quarter mil, can you make that though?

Dope to the face
I don’t know the day
I can’t tell the time with all these diamonds in the face
Motherfuck a wraith, rather slide in the F-150
On my dick, and all you bitches ain’t my stepson

Somethin’ in the vest, if you try and test me
Me and Rio was at the palace, we’d have stomped Ron Artest
Switchblade stay on me, pettier than petty be
Shoot from the point, money falling like it’s KOD
Hustle like I’m hustle man, pull up with the deal
For you double-cross me, boy I could’ve made a mil
With it now I see you starving, no I cannot share a meal with you

Sesh, yeah, drip
What, what, what? Yeah
Team Sesh going up
Wait, wait