Bones — JimmyWalker

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Текст Bones — JimmyWalker

It’s funny how stories start out
So true until the time comes they get passed down
Like a game of telephone
It’s always wrong by the end of it
The whole origin’s off
They let these other crackers tell that there was no Bones
But name every other clone that caught my flows
It’s fine, it’s cool, I don’t need no praise
The accolades that I’ve acquiered mean more than the fame
The most known ‘unknown’, that was my in go lane
The underground god, I’ll be that to the grave
So listen up close and solve this game
Sesh will leash on a tank turn your billions to flames (what?)

Even my closest of friends
Still can’t understand why I am the way I am
And I can’t either, I feel your pain
And I can’t blame because I feel the same

It’s like I’m on a team and sometimes I feel camaraderie
But on the other hand, I feel alone like I oughta be
Kickin’ rocks by myself down the road
I thought we made together but I guess I was wrong
Maybe I’m caught up in my own emotions
Always been sensitive and full of these problems
Too quick to feel ’em, too slow to solve ’em
But if I neglect ’em it is I who’s disolvin’