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Tricked him into thinkin’ I’m hitchhiking, can you pick me up?
I out my gun, now don’t make this a murder, give it up
Up in the trunk, 30, 60, give me a buck
Get me lit, I had to strip
I took his heart, I put ’em in the trunk
Baby girl, no don’t bother me, give me that then be gone with ya

I can’t go back and forth with ya
On her knees, now I’m over her
Broke her heart, now I’m over her
Couldn’t get fizzy, like soda, uh
You get popped, like some
Skeleton gang, I’m the general

But cargo hit with that
Without you, I’m an animal
In this game, I’m a cannibal
You could be stood up, like Rambo
Start wildin’, stockpiling ammo
Still I won’t creep with that camo
Pop up quick, lit with that anna, like, uh, uh