BONES — FreakyFriday

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BONES in this bitch, uh, skull on my kicks, uh
In this rap game I feel alone in this bitch, uh
Rolling out the zip, wait, diamonds on my bitch, hey
We could Freaky Friday and still never switch place
*Swish* go the switchblade, catch ’em when he get home
Body in the street, vibrating like a flip phone
«Blaow» go the big tone, whole team been on
Vest made of Kevlar, body made of pimp bones
Got ’em on they tippy-toes, drivin’ then I hit the road
Last thing he witnessed was my eyes in the night glow
Waited all my life for it (What? What? What?)
I stay equippеd with something deadly
Fuck I look like tryna fight for it?
You don’t rеally wanna do nothin’, fuck a discussion
Ready to go «Pop-pop-pop»
Pussy boy never said nothin’, now that boy gushin’
Bitch, get down-down-down-down