Bones — Dial-Up

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Текст Bones — Dial-Up

In the black Benz Jeep
With my Nextel phone
Your bitch calling me
The return of the Creep
Don’t eat, don’t sleep
All I do is drugs
And they always free
Got the blade on me
Shame on you if you hating on me
Just a young white boy with the game on freeze
If it gets to cold, put the blame on me
Smoking dope, talking on the mobile phone
They think they know me, but they only know it’s fucking Bones

[Na$ty Matt:]
Na$ty mothafuckin’ Matt
What, What, What
Bitches all the way live
Fuck her like her tubes tied
Ridin’ Nissan with the a machete on my side
Return of the fuckin’ mack
Return of the Dirtbag
Used to have black mags on the Diamondback
Young Matt didn’t know how to act
Young fuckin’ grunga stepping out the fuckin’ Caprice
Jeans cut around the knees
Big titty bitch on the seats
Concrete camouflage, with all this fuckin’ grey
Fuck with me the wrong way, feel the wrath of my fuckin’ blade