Baby Smoove — Tings

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Текст Baby Smoove — Tings

YSL, Fendi, and Louie V tings

(Damn, JakeSand)

Ayy, I got some exotic, it’s just flavor when I smoke
How the fuck you getting high with four heads on the four?
I’ma pour up in this Fanta then let her drive the boat
I’m on Seven Mile now, but I’m smoking west coast
I was high off a eight, I couldn’t taste it no more
I can drop back to back ’cause my pockets really swole
Jaw locked for twenty minutes, I’m so high I ain’t notice
I don’t really give a fuck, I’ll buy it if I want it

Uh, I’ll buy it if I
Balling like I’m in the league, when the fuck I get a bonus?
Got my last season clothes, I might give ’em to the homeless
Chef bringing out my steak, I don’t even think I want it
Boy, your bitch came to me, why the fuck you think I want her?
Think my heart turned purple from this lean I be pouring
Once I make a million dollars, I’ma act like I don’t know you
We got heavy pole sticks, and you know that they will hurt you

High as hell off the Pie, yeah, I’m talking ’bout the Turtle
Spent six K at Neiman’s, I ain’t do this shit on purpose
She been wanting me to fuck, I’m asking her, «Is it worth it?»
Five hundred for my scarf, I just wear it like a turban
Two grams in the wood, for a hour it was burning
My niggas out in L.A., they got bitches that gon’ work it
.762’s pointed, but they leave big circles
Spent a thousand on my shoes, I don’t even think they worth it

You know your nigga lame, you should come and hang with me
You can bring your friends too, tell ’em everything on me
She like, «It’s six in the morning, nigga, why you pouring lean?»
Once I’m done with this cup, then I’m putting you to sleep
She like YSL, Fendi, and Louie V tings