Ayreon — Through The Wormhole

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Текст Ayreon — Through The Wormhole

«As we continue on our journey, we dive into a black hole — a spiraling wormhole.
As it sucks us in, time slows and images become distorted.
Reality itself twists and bends.
We leave the galaxy where our journey began, headed for the unknown.
Where will it take us?»

Hold on tight, we’ve reached the gate that leads us to the mystic zone
What a sight! I cannot wait to cross the bridge to the unknown
Defy the laws of relativity, gravity will be our guide
Surrender to the sea of energy that drives us to the other side

Faster than light, we’re traveling time through the wormhole
But of the night, into a vortex of fire
Time slips away as we plunge into unknown dimensions
A brilliant display, quenching my deepest desires

Will it take us where we want to be?
Will it show us what we want to see?

Through the wormhole

We’re crashing down to our goal
That lies beyond this cosmic gate
Spinning round this spiral hole
Towards a cold and lonely fate