Atmosphere — Still Be Here

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Текст Atmosphere — Still Be Here

I didn’t believe that I could have anything else to share
I mean that I knew I could help somewhere
But I never felt as bare as when I felt your stare
What I’d give of thinking that I’m self-aware
We purposely search for what the purpose be
But the truth is I wasn’t even present in the currently
I could’ve been a phone call for an emergency
From some hotel on Bourbon Street
I try to keep reminding my mind that what’s mine
It’s just a asinine way to pass the time
Go, hold your kids before they grow too big
Like a minute is forever when a memory’s a gift
Give this one to anyone
No box, no lines made of dots, no labels or locks
Gotta brave through the pain that we’re shaking it off
Shave with the crane and aim for the top

I wanna give you the world like it was mine to share
I’ll still be here, I’ll still be here
You’ll always have my words, I try to speak ’em clear
I’ll still be here, I’ll still be here
And if that don’t work, I might be unprepared
But I’ll still be here, I’ll still be here
From the bad, to the worst, my love’s sincere
I’ma still be here, I’ll still be

And I’ll still be fascinated by the freedom of wings
I wanna know what you dream with no strings
Looking at the shadows and the shapes on the ceiling
Make a little noise to communicate your feelings
I feel fortunate, I found fulfillment
I see my father in the faces of my children
I’m so vain that my heart’s like a rooster
You make it hard to be afraid of the future
And when I hear you singing along
I remember that I’ll never be alone again
Judge me on what I depend upon
I want forever to spend with my fam’ and my friends
And I’ll still be guilty
Of challenging the people that balance and build me
That’s why I’m speaking to you, and when you reach it too
You can pick up the pieces and see what it do

And I ain’t gonna front like I deserve your love
I’m still trying to learn to love
It’s my long term ambition
But the burden burns so big you can’t miss it
It was worth the tears
I want my verses to persevere
I don’t need a souvenir to prove that I was here
Cause ever since you appeared, it’s been a happy new year