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(I could probably never admit this to anyone else but you
But back in like 2001
I wanted to kill you)

I turnt up when I heard the crash
But in the next few frames that followed
I turnt all the way down like slow motion
Like time and space got swallowed
And I believe every moment is meaningful, even if just for a second
And every second counts when you watch the clock from inside of the wreckage
Two in the mornin’, I was outside your buildin’ in the back of a taxi
And over on the corner next to the record store, we saw an accident happen
Of course it stole my focus

Cold as the wind, I’m frozen, motionless
I don’t remember if I showed emotion
Just autotune and sing those notes
Was almost twenty years ago, long time ago
Sometimes I try to block it out my mind, but then decide to show
Those glimpses of violence on the insides of my eyelids
I still hear it in my head, I can see it, still can’t describe it
See the cab driver fumble with his flip phone, tryin’ to hit 911
You know the cops are gonna come
Like what the fuck? The one time I’ve ever carried a gun
This ain’t even my gun, what the hell did you put in this flask?
Who the fuck do you think that you are with your scary ass?
Wishin’ that you could bury it in the trash
Smash that four-door Ford sedan into an F-150

Bright red blood in the fresh white snow and my breath got sticky
I was on the verge of cryin’, but this ain’t my time to work it out, no
I’m tryin’ to find a way to help out, but I’m nervous that I don’t know how to
And I’m sure I heard a voice come from the inside of the car
So I’m pullin’ on the handle tryin’ to pry the door ajar
Lookin’ through the window, I don’t see anybody movin’
The noise I heard was the radio, there’s nothing there but music
And it was no surprise when I recognized y’all drew a crowd ’round
And everybody so quiet, it felt like the song was stupid loud now
Kick, bass, and snare, I swear that to this day, when I close my eyes
I thank whomever can hear these tears, ’cause that’s the night that one of us was supposed to die