Atmosphere — Prelude to Hell

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Текст Atmosphere — Prelude to Hell

Somethin’ at this party don’t feel right
The vibe reminds me of an overnight drive
But I won’t complain because it’s not my place
And everybody got their own way to celebrate
It’s all the same, it’s all the difference
It’s all about the aim mixed with the distance
It’s all the pain and sickness
And everybody in this bitch is over privileged
Its like I’m in a bad movie called «Worst Party Ever»
A cameo from Snoop Dogg couldn’t make it better
I’m lookin’ for the line for the bathroom
But I’m too distracted by your awful tattoos
Its not meant to offend
If I neglect to pretend
To be impressed with the way you’re dressed
And shut your mouth your breath smells like death
I’m convinced this whole house is possessed
A bunch of demons, all of y’all are demons
I think the dog tried to warn me and I didn’t believe him
But I can feel them all scheming on my feelings
Now I’m about to climb out this window towards freedom
Get off your chair and put your drink in the sky
Anybody could be gone in the blink of an eye
Spent my whole life reppin’ my whole city
So when I die, I’ma take y’all with me

Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain’t tryin’ to go no more
Hell yeah I had a good time
But I ain’t tryin’ to go no more