Atmosphere — Cut You Down

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Текст Atmosphere — Cut You Down

My old lady say I’m paranoid
She thinks that I’m not on point
Cause I pace around with no purpose
Observant, peek out the curtains
I don’t recognize that car
So why’s it parked right in front of my yard?

It’s been there for the last few minutes
It seems too suspicious
It’s gon’ be another long night
So set the alarm and the motion lights
Protect my house
That fence ain’t enough to keep the riffraff out
Somebody gon’ test
I’m breaking out in a sweat
It make the hair on my arms all stand up tall
If it’s a private number I don’t answer the call
I’m simple, I want some peace
From all the criminals, thugs and thieves
And I ain’t tryna involve police
Cause I don’t trust any government employees
I believe everybody’s a threat

You better take it down to the next doorstep
But if you wan’ doubt and pop some
I’m sleeping on my couch with a loaded shotgun
And if you wan’ fuck around
I’m gon’ cut you down
And if you wan’ fuck around
I’m gon’ cut you down
And if you wan’ fuck around
Shhh, I hear a helicopter
I swear it’s out there
Calm down, don’t make the wrong move
Cause I don’t know who that van belongs to
I’m checking over both my shoulders
I bet they got my name in they folders
I’m trying to stay inside
Cause it’s the only way to hide from the satellites in the sky
Get off my property
Why you stalking me?

And those guys from across the street
Better keep they eyes off my wife piece
None of y’all are watching birds
So who’s in the alley with binoculars?
Got more detour to steer through
For the sedan in my rearview
I crouch on the floor
Cause knocking on my door is an act of war
And if the guy from the bank
Wanna come see me, he better drive a tank
I ain’t nuts yet, I’m just upset
Cause y’all treat me like a suspect
I’m innocent, give me personal space
Before I flip the switch and turn up the bass