Atmosphere — Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome

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Текст Atmosphere — Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome

I got so much trouble on my
Ay, ay, ay-ay, ay

Yesterday I saw two houseflies going at it in the bathroom
Like a couple of barflies
It was disgusting but not ’cause of the fucking
It’s just a random thought I had that everyone’s an offspring of just something
A whole lotta bacteria
Staining on the rocky banks of Lake Superior
Tried to watch the weather, keep a finger on the artery
Stop pretending that you ain’t left the party with a part of me
I believe you’re from the future and you came back to waste me
But I think you probably won’t ’cause you like me
We in the shadow of the shade of the moonlight
Let’s say goodnight while it’s still a goodnight, aight?
I’m feeling like maybe it’s getting closer to closing time
Lock the door, flip over the sign
And I’ve got so much trouble on my mind

I’m spilling my bottle upon your table
I’m as willing and able as a tornado
I wear it like the heart you tattooed to your sleeve
You tear it all apart to gather what you need
Stop all the madness, box up the fragments
Stick a book of stamps to the top of the package
Say please deliver this to the previous owner
I wrote my name up in the corner and the S was a cobra
Mix up the ingredients, how I showed ya
You probably think I’m an idiot though, don’t ya?
Never thought I’d grow to be anything more
Than just another gomer being told to «shut up, soldier»
Looking over your shoulder before stepping over the line
I could turn the water in your toilet bowl into wine
And I’ve got so much trouble on my mind

I can’t help but to think back back before the shrink wrap
Back before the soundman was sabotaged with feedback
All I wanted was to be a part of something larger
Than the sum of the parts, my dog’s a bark at the sharks
And it’s my darkest parts that seem to get all the shine
It’s when I start my departure then I remember the rhyme
It goes «I got so much trouble», oh, nevermind
Refuse to lose