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It’s always good to have that extra reinforcement

Looking forward to it
Very much so.
Looking forward to it.
Very much so.
Looking forward to it.

Take my hand.(Advanced communications)
Take my hand.(Advanced communications)
Take my hand.

The candles flicker.
You handle your liquor.
The nerves quiver.
Wish my band had some stickers that I could give ya.
From a
Endless list of complaints.
Tainted; Consumed; Fainted.
In a room full of paint fumes
Fell naked
But tell me how far can I take it.
Egnrained in my brain
Hold the pain like it’s sacred.
Snow fall covers all that’s immobile.
I try to bring the plow
But it tends to come out boastful
Kill the sayer-hatin’
And kill the flavor-fakin’
Partake in that forsaken game,
Fuck you and your neighbor’s satan

Now waken.

The early bird apprehends the serpent.
Gotta catch the train, ma.
Gonna join the circus.

Call it love, call it skill, call it what you will,
I don’t give a fuck just call us up so we can build

I got your interest, pessimistic, guinea swined;
Over exerted emotion to the point of feeling fine.
Inner mind travel;
When I awoke, the feet hurt
Scared to drive.
Scared to fly.
I wrote the speaker wired.
When arrival is desired,
I’m smiling at the the fire that’s contrived and inspired in the eyes of desire.

When the cries take me higher
I look across the globe and fantasize of what’s dope and drop my low.
Set baby.
With the head gravy.
Better get lazy,
Cause if you step, you get wrecked baby.
Yet maybe I should feed’em line like trout
Put my rhymes in they mouth,
That’s what I’m about.

Truth be told.
Not from the new or the old
I’m from the now watch me while I make your whole crew explode
Super nova style.
Hold your pin to the mat
From the grin to the chin to the limbs to the back
In a fist full of steel I express how I feel
Blinded by work
Searching for the best kind of deal
Gotta find an angle
In a circle of hopeful
Apply a choke hold
And sent the locals running in ovals.

Call It love, call it skill, call it what you will,
I don’t give a fuck just call us up so we can build

Advanced Communications.

[Phone call]


Yeah this is Aaron.
Umm… newel. I mean… I mean yah.
I mean… I mean like uhh, I don’t have anything in the mail yet, man.
And I’m like, eager to do my verse again and stuff because… because I’ve been taking testosterone pills.
So like, hi.
Where is it?

Give me a call.

And uhh if you caught me last weekend on your phone from my cell… umm… yeah I was kinda… piss loaded drunk and stuff… and I can’t even remember what I said, but my girlfriend had to remind me I called you.

Anyways, nifty huh?

Peace out, honkey, bye-bye.

[End of Message]