Apathy — Who Got da Juice? (Interlude)

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Текст Apathy — Who Got da Juice? (Interlude)

Aiyyo, aiyyo where the fuck is my Gummy Beary juice at man?
Where the fuck is my Gummy Bear y juice at first of all man?
(I don’t know son)
(Niggas came over they was bouncin here there and everywhere)
(Shit just came up missin)
Yo what the fuck that gotta do with my shit man?

How the fuck you ain’t gon’ have my shit and I left it in your fridge?
{Aiyyo-yo-yo-yo-yo, aiyyo}
{Aiyyo Tommy just got stomped the fuck out son}
{Dupe igged on him, mad ‘dros just came through man}
{Stomped a nigga out man, the nigga layin there}
{All KINDS of Gummy Beary juices comin from the nigga God}
(Easy, easy, easy)
Yo fuck that, I’m comin to get my Gummy Beary juice man
Fuck that~! (Easy kid, is he dead?)
[Tchk] Is he dead? What the fuck you mean is he dead?
Nigga layin there like a newborn fuckin bear