Apathy — The Curse of the Kennedys (Acapella)

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Текст Apathy — The Curse of the Kennedys (Acapella)

Who’s the god of Cape Cod
Who’s higher than Hyannis
Who could get away with murder
From money and simply vanish
Suit jacket in a casket, lookin so fantastic
Sweater vest fresh
Posin’ with a tennis racket
So classic
So tragic
Camelot was formed in Black Magic
There’s lots of sinners
Eating lobster dinners
With some mobster figures
Selling lots of liquor

Hair slicked back
Three piece suits
And shoes polished
Martha’s Vineyard mansion
And an Ivy League college
Secret societies
And a sick fascination
With accidental deaths
And planned assassinations
The birth of a nation
Erasing the line that’s drawn
To define God and Satan
…It’s Jack, it’s Bobby
It’s even Teddy
Reversed on my enemy’s
The curse of the Kennedy’s….

Demeanor of Joe senior
Won’t stop ’til I own The Mona Lisa
With a home in Ibiza
Hear the news flash over the speaker
They’re killing Kennedys…
Keep calm, load up the heater
Bobby’s slumped on podium
P.O.T.U.S. is down
We got political poll, probly the dopest around
We got publicists for damage control…
Kennedy style
Kill a girl by accident …never see trial
Heavenly Father… please wash all of my sins
While I wash away my pain

With this Tonic & Gin
While I vomit in the sink
And think of ominous things
Like Atomic bombs
Never let the communists win
Live from the Bay of Pigs
It’s obvious lies
When anybody denies
All the Mafia ties
You surprised?
It’s Jack, it’s Bobby, it’s even Teddy
Reversed on my enemies
The Curse Of The Kennedys…