Apathy — The Blues

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Текст Apathy — The Blues

The love of money is the root of all evil
And that’s a fact
But a person ain’t nothing without money
And that’s wack
I mean you can be spiritual and mentally give
But you need money for food
And you need food to live
Heat bills and utilities
Home cable and gas..
For you car, Subway fair, bike or bus pass
If you got kids you need to support them
And if you answer to safe sex is abortion

Then you need money to abort them
Now that’s messed up, as mess can be
But it’s reality
Awaking without any income or salary
You better have a job 40 hours a week
Shower and eat, sleep, freak, chill, and have heat
And what about you future
Your long term post
Maybe own a house and have a lawn with not potholes
Send you kids away to college so the cycle repeats
Not having to worry if your family is out in the streets
If you follow these steps you’ll probably never lose
Never find yourself saying that you got the blues
You should take my advice
Something that you can use
So you won’t have to say that you got the blues

When you’re on top of the world and feel you can’t lose
A problem hits you right in the heart leaving a bruise
Whether it’s your love or the money it’s bad news
But don’t stress it because you just…
You don’t stress it son you just…
You don’t stress it baby you just…

I sat staring at the wall
Fearing the call
My girl caught me with another chick down at the mall
All she did was give me a look and jet out the door
Four hours later my pager was still on the floor
No messege is expressionless
Wait no need to be stressing this
She was just a friend I kissed on the cheek
Chilled every other week and wanted to freak
Back in the day straight
But now I got a girl that I lay
So I stay faithful Play no games with her brains
My main squeeze she’s ready to please never complains
What more could I ask for
Wack whores who sweat me
Cause of my CD and see me when they’re greedy, looking sexy
Hoping they caught some cream
But queen sorry to stop your dream
But I’m not the one you gotta be greeting
That’s why I need my girl like a fiend needs rock
I need to call her at her spot to explain the plot
My heart is on lock
I’m feeling the pain of love sting
When I dial her number and hear the telephone ring