Apathy — Execution Style

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Текст Apathy — Execution Style

Ap awoke, Jesus like wrapped in cloaks
I slash your throat and backs get broke
The wrath I evoke turns the whack rappers to ghosts
I’m the goat, legendary from the tracks I wrote
I bring hellfire you die or get trapped in smoke
Resurrected on the record see the caskets broke
Your identity is phoney like some catfish joke
You wish to God every day that you could rap this dope
I’m the master with the flows that the masses quote
Flood cities bitch you better build a massive boat
Or at least hope your crash ass wax can float
My raps no joke it’s soaked in blood plasma moats
No emotions, oceans of guts and gore
Fucking sluts and whores on some disgusting floor
In the middle of a war and I busted your
Planet earth wide open and I crush the core

When I’m thirsty for blood, I’m a certified psychopath
Got my favorite stuffed animals and my rifles stashed
I don’t wear hammer pants or do the hammer dance
But God damn there’s a hammer in my pants
Wearing marksman gloves cause the 9 is hot
Got my paper all I see is green like slime or snot
Real M-F’er spell those letters
Nutted on your sister lip, throw the claims on the heifer
Who’s left in your family, oops now your brothers dead
I broke my fist on his dome, I guess he was a knucklehead
Got enough hundreds to bring Benjamin Franklin’s life back
Send some Benjamin’s upstate and they send a kite back
They said you were Dorothy tapping heels together
So when we catch you we just stomp your ears together
Take the cake for the biggest loser by far
Claim you in a biker gang but you ride in a sidecar