AJR — Netflix Trip

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I had my first crush in season two
She passed me notes and filled our hands with glue
And in my corduroy’s we’d walk to school
I sat and crossed my legs like Jim would do


She moved away I was on season three
It hit my heart so hard I’d hardly speak
But I could find some peace and privacy
A paper company to sit with me


Who are we to wonder where we’re going?
Who am I to tell me who I am?
Let’s take it back and take in every moment
Who am I to tell me who I am?


I turned down Jameson when I was twelve
I spent that Friday night with Steve Carrell
The one where Dwight became the head of Sales
My eighth grade graduation wished me well


I lost my grandfather in season six
I watched my mom, she cried and held her kids
My mind was broken up I couldn’t think
So I just…