Aicon, Prohgres — King & Queen

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Текст Aicon, Prohgres — King & Queen

Baby mi have Wah yuh want
What you want
No separating
World artiste
Fi di gyal dem
No separating

Every queen need a king
Me and you you and me
No separating
Baby mi have Wah yuh want
Yuh have Wah mi need
Memba the fuss time we meet did think
A time ting
Stay inna mi arms beg yuh no
Leave cause the way how mi feel
Can’t be no one night fling

You lift me up when am down
And I will pick u up if you fall
I know you would do the same

Same for me hope you don’t Change on me
Stucked in you like traffic won’t change lanes
If you get inna trouble then the blames on me
Seh you never feel so good yet and the blames on