42 Dugg, Fivio Foreign, Rowdy Rebel — Still Catching Cases

Слушать 42 Dugg, Fivio Foreign, Rowdy Rebel — Still Catching Cases

Текст 42 Dugg, Fivio Foreign, Rowdy Rebel — Still Catching Cases

I made 600 on Reese
Y’all can blame the epidemic
I spent 5 thousand on fleeces
Came from wearing Akademiks
If it ain’t for that weed
Then I’m against it
I keep drums
Shout out to pistons
Won’t fall out about shit
We bros
I’m the one more than D Rose
The shit was kinda off
Nigga we on
Chrome heart leather hoodie
By V Lone
Match what I made
Just off of my name
I ain’t into savings
Spend it all on the gang
Still catchin cases
Give a fuck if I’m famous
Crossed that line
Fuck nigga getting painted
Damn near died 010 09
150 to the lawyer help a nigga get by (Drew)

Fuck em by the two
These hoes get made
Used to wear trues
Bitch think I’m lyin
Ain’t flown commercial
Everything G5
See me in person
Yeah, bitch get back
Ain’t got it on me
Hoe still will get smacked
Hard for me to focus I’m from the street
When it comes to drugs
Got what you need
Turntest in the city come sign to me
Right or wrong they ride with me
Choppas and FN’s know 9s with me
Hard for me to focus I’m from the bottom
I won’t fuck shit bitch not no model
Four pockets full me Baby an Rylo
Pull up on sparks
North Memphis with Gotti
Gave bro 30 talkin bout
He a driver

Kill or be killed all he know is survivin
Think she turnt bitch fucking a op
Don’t shit slide
Bitch still will get dropped
Gimme that gun that’s all I need
I see a op gone OD
I took a perky keep falling sleep
I see mad money in my dreams
All these real niggas on my team
Jerry don’t share no lean
It’s the truth, ah truth
I call all these bitches
Come in the group (They do), uh
Yeah, I got rich
I got the juice lil bitch
This is a 2 door Coupe
Watch how I move on through

I need a new Porsche, too
(I need a new Porsche, too) yeah
Yeah they gotta watch how I’m doin things
That are moving with me he be moving things
Got a shooter with me
He shootin’ things
If I see a op my whole mood will change
That is old drip I need a newer chain
That is old drip I need a newer chain
Throwin shots by they missin
Should take them niggas to the shootin’ range
This is way too elite
She try to suck me outta my sleep
It costs 100k for these seats
I bullet-proofed the whole Jeep
Want me to go deep
Them niggas is police
Want me to go deep
Niggas is police

I get money that’s all I need
I sip henny not lean
I take meds that’s not codeine
One more perc I might OD
No my daddy ain’t raise no hoe
I get hoe shit off my sleeve
Pay no attention to these hoes
Cause these hoes ain’t payin me
Uh Huh uh
We number one
We the topic
You little niggas is toxic
And we do not listen to gossip
Uh, hop out Su Young with the chopsticks
Buju with his matic
Another bad boy movin tactic

New glock nine came plastic
New bad bitch fantastic
Real boujee bitch
Like her ass kissed
I took 80 to Eric the Jeweler
To bust out my AP and
Bust out my glasses
New AP on freeze
Niggas say cheese
When a nigga flash it